A little bit about me, my background and the type of web projects I enjoy working on


I began experimenting with code whilst doing my Business degree. The web was very much in its infancy and there was something about the emerging technologies that grabbed my attention. What began as a hobby very quickly drove my career.

My first professional role was as a Web Developer for a large printing business in Somerset. Working closely with in-house graphic designers, I was responsible for turning their Photoshop documents into functioning websites. My skill set has been self taught and I've been keen, from the beginning, to ensure that I follow best practice in everything I develop.

From here, I moved to a more web-focused agency to further develop my abilities and learn from other professionals.

In late 2008, I decided to go it alone

After eight years’ working in an agency environment, I felt ready to begin building a full time career as a freelance web developer. As well as securing my own projects, I soon established good relationships with agencies and graphic designers to complete outsourced websites and web applications on their behalf.

Today, I have many happy customers who have been kind enough to say some very nice things about me.